Black spider hole

Black Spider Hole

A hole is a dungeon feature that appears covered with another dungeon feature, a web. When 'interacted' with, waves of giant redbacks will appear in groups of three per wave. When all waves have been released the next inspection will produce treasure.


  • Caution! The disease caused by giant redbacks can be deadly for the unprepared adventurer. Some form of protection versus sickness is highly recommended before attempting to clear out a hole.
  • Before releasing a wave of monsters by 'inspecting' the hole it is recommended to have full health if possible as dealing with multiple enemies all at once can be difficult.
  • Before triggering a wave of creatures from the hole ensure that you are off to the side so you are not surrounded by the emerging creatures
  • Leave room for retreat! Waves of monsters can be very tough, and it is important to trigger the hole from a side that allows you to backtrack if things get tricky.
  • Many wands and spells can target creatures in a line. Trigger the hole and retreat and soon you'll have a train of creatures waiting in a nice line to be zapped.


  • Caution! Passing near a hole for the first time will cause its first wave of inhabitants to come spilling out, unless you have high stealth and/or invisibility.
  • Caution! Interacting with the hole will cause a wave of its inhabitants to be released even if the interaction is canceled.
  • With the right timing, jumping over the space in front of a hole can be a method of passing the hole without triggering a wave of creatures to appear.

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