Level 1
STR 12
DEX 18
INT 18
CHA 11
Armour 7
Equipment outfit (small)
wand of magic missile
wand of striking
Loot bit of gnome innards
Kill XP 13

The gnome is an enemy encountered primarily in the Gnome Mines. They come equipped with an outfit, and may carry wands and small weapons. Commonly carried wands include wand of striking and wand of magic missile .

They may be encountered riding a Gnomish digger, a Gnomish walker, or a Gnomish woodcutter, which increases their durability very significantly. They are best tackled with ranged weapons, wands or magic while using an automaton. Another way to defeat them is to reflect the magic missile beam off the ceiling of the dungeon or polymorph their Walker/Digger/Woodcutter.

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