Fog cloud
Fog cloud
Level 2
STR 7—8
DEX 13—14
CHA 6—7
Armour 3
Resistances sleep, physical attack
Weaknesses cold, alert, deaf
Loot none
Kill XP 33
Depth 300

The fog cloud is an insubstantial, flying enemy encountered in the early-mid levels of the dungeon. The player can walk through this enemy. It can be difficult to strike in physical combat, and can cause problems if encountered with other monsters. Oddly, this creature may be put to sleep.


This Monster could be stunned (Wizard Lock, Paralyze, Sleep). Magic Missile, Wand of Cancellation, Wand of Death, Finger of Death, Wand of Fire, Force Bolt and Drain Life all work wonder against this kind of monsters.  If you have a significantly enchanted weapon you can kill it with physical attacks, it will just take a long time. This can be a good way to go up in your weapon skills.

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