Floating eye
Floating Eye01 Ebene 1
Level 2
STR 12—14
DEX 10—12
CON 18
INT 10—12
WIS 8—9
CHA 7—10
Armour 9
Resistances sleep, some magic
Loot blob of floating eye goo
Kill XP 19
Depth 900—1300

Floating eyes are quite common on all levels of the dungeon. They can fly but move very slowly and do not attack. Hitting one without killing it will cause it to paralyze the attacker. It cannot deal any damage to the player, but its paralysis effect can allow other creatures to deal large amounts of damage to the player.


  • Use range weapons or spells.
  • The paralyze effect is not applied if you are blind, or if both the eye and the attacker are in a dark room.


Can drop fresh blob of floating eye goo that is safe to eat and may confer telepathy or teleport.