Monkeys, and all other pets/constructs or mesmerized creatures that don't detect b/u/c, (blessed/uncursed/cursed status) can remove any cursed item after it is equipped.

This is even better than cats' and dogs' b/u/c identification, as it identifies the -2 Helm of Brilliance or -3 Gauntlets of Dexterity you normally would not have put on once the cat or dog identified it as cursed.

  •  Get a door between you and your monkey (or whatever else). 
  •  Drop the item in question. 
  •  Tell your monkey to fetch the item. 
  •  Close the door. 
  •  Equip the item. 
  •  Open the door. 
  •  The monkey will steal the item off of you, cursed or not.

This can also be done without the door, the door just gives you time to equip the item.

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