Energy vortex
Energy Vortex
Level 5
STR 7—8
DEX 13—14
Armour 13
Resistances fire, poison, cold, shock, physical attack
Weaknesses none
Traits dreaming forever, deaf
Equipment none
Loot none
Kill XP 181
Depth 900

Found in the mid and more common lower sections of the dungeon these crackling violet vortexes are able to fly and move very quickly. They have a solid amount of HP and have a pummel attack similar to the dust Vortex, which may shatter your potions. Energy vortices and shocking spheres are able to charge your wands, but shocking spheres are much easier to handle for this purpose.


  • A wand that is equipped is most likely to be charged, however any wand carried and not in a container may be charged instead. Be careful, wands may be overcharged in this manner, causing them to explode.
  • Be careful when encountering these vortices. They can do heavy damage and are immune to physical damage and most others themselves.
  • A single shot from a wand of cancellation or the Sleep spell will destroy an energy vortex. You can throw a potion of sleeping at a Vortex to destroy it. Finger of Death and any kind of Magic Missile or Polymorph are also useful.
  • Wear a collar of protection. It may look silly (-10 CHA) but it grounds the shocks and you take no damage at all.
Energy vortices

Two deadly energy vortices.

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