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The degree of magical power with which some items can be imbued, most notably weapons, armor and rings.

Enchantment can be negative, null (+0) or positive, ranging from maximum -9 to +9 [need confirmation] and accordingly bestow negative or positive effects upon the wearer, depending on the item category and any extra specific properties.

Enchantment Properties Edit

  • Weapons (including arrows): usually affects damage
  • Armour: usually affects armor class (AC), and either base statistics (STR, DEX, CHA, INT, WIS) or properties like magic resistance, mana regeneration rate, protection…
  • Rings: may affect health or mana regeneration, CHA, STR, CON.

Modifying Enchantment Edit

It is generally beneficial to increase the enchantment of items, which can be achieved by a few means:

Enchantment can also be decreased, on purpose or by accident:

Warning Edit

Over-enchanting or overcharging an item (usually beyond +7 or +8) can cause it to explode, resulting in complete loss of the item!

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