Dust vortex
Dust vortex
Level 3—4
DEX 13—14
CHA 6-7
Armour 3
Resistances fire, poison, confusion, cold, shock, sleep, physical
Weaknesses water, deaf
Equipment none
Loot none
Kill XP 73
Depth 1300

The dust vortex is found in the upper and mid-sections of the dungeon. They are nearly immune to all kind of attacks and can partially block player movement. It has a pummel attack, which can shatter potions. They can pass through closed doors do not leave corpses or food.


  • Due to its pummel attack and its possibility to block you in groups of monsters, try to stay away from it.
  • It can be destroyed with a single zap from a Wand of Cancellation.
  • Spells like Magic Missile, Force Bolt and Finger of Death may be of use.
  • Also, a thrown bottle of water can destroy it, if the bottle breaks near the vortex. Objects thrown at the vortex will pass directly through it without damage.


Immune to lightning

From a wand of Probing:

The dust vortex can resist the effects of fire, poison, confusion, cold, shock, sleep and physical attack. The dust vortex is susceptible to water, alert and deaf.

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