Drains are a Lair type dungeon feature that appear as a sewer drain. When 'interacted' with (or merely approached), waves of rabid rats or rats will appear in groups of 3+ per wave. You only seem to get rats in the first 1-2 floors and after this it is rabid rats only. As the player descends deeper in the dungeon these waves can consist of larger numbers. When all waves have been released the next inspection will produce treasure (usually gold and/or rings).

The player can quaff from drains, similar to fountains, although drains never dry up. However, quaffing a drain causes the player to vomit and lose nutrition.


  • Before releasing a wave of monsters by 'inspecting' the drain it is recommended to have full health if possible as dealing with multiple enemies all at once can be difficult.
  • Before triggering a wave of creatures from the drain ensure that you are off to the side so you are not surrounded by the emerging creatures
  • Leave room for retreat! Waves of monsters can be very tough, and it is important to trigger the drain from a side that allows you to backtrack if things get tricky.
  • Many wands and spells can target creatures in a line. Trigger the drain and retreat and soon you'll have a train of monsters waiting in a nice line to be zapped.
  • All you have to do is be close (right next) to the drain in order for it to trigger a wave. All lairs will appear in red in the minimap when triggered. The main difference between triggering it via inspect and by standing nearby is that the lair will immediately spawn enemies for the former option, while you have time to flee if triggered by proximity. This can be handy for certain classes, such as magic reliant or ranged characters, where the added distance can be quite helpful in defeating waves of opponents.
  • Quaffing a drain can help the player avoid choking from overnutrition. This can be useful when trying to eat high nutrition foods or quaff potions that give useful properties, such as giant innards for strength increase, or bottles of holy wine to increase max HP.


  • Caution! Being close to a drain can trigger a wave independent of the wave number. There is a very short time frame between waves where a new wave will not trigger. This has a chance to be prevented by stealth or invisibility.
  • With the right timing, jumping over the space in front of a drain can be a method of passing the drain while preventing the door from triggering a wave of creatures.

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