Dragon Scale Mail is the best armor in the game. It grants +10 AC and does not affect spellcasting. The colour of the mail also infers a special effect: 

  • Silver = Reflection
  • Grey = Magic Resistance
  • Red = Fire Resistance
  • Green = Immunity to poison

Dragon Scale Mail can either be acquired through a wish, or by forging dragon scales.  The scales are a random drop received after defeating the dragon, and you get 30 of them.

At the dwarven smith forge, you must select "forge a powerful suit of armor," and you will see that the dragon scales are now listed as one of your choices.  

The number of scales required to forge the armor depends on the size of your character.  

  • Large character (Vandal/Barbarian), Dragon Scale Mail will cost 55 scales, which you do not have (Waz claims this is a last cruelty to the Barbarian/Vandal).
  • Regular size characters require 30 scales.
  • Small characters (possible bug?):  If you approach the forge as a small character (polymorph into a gnome, for example, as they have high charisma), the smith will only charge you 6 scales to make the dragon scale armor, and it will be made normal size.  You can, therefore, make 5 sets of regular size armor with the 30 scales.

Trick for large characters:  if you can polmorph into a normal or small character, you will have enough scales to make a suit of dragon scale mail, but the resulting set will be too small to wear in your normal form. To get around this, equip the armor as a smaller character, then polymorph back into your normal size.  The armor will expand to large size.   

For wishing, it should be pronounced like this

Example: 3 blessed immutable +3 silver dragon scale mail