Disenchanters are a creature with a special melee attack that may remove enchantments and blessings from equipment and items.


Disenchanters are normally found deeper in the dungeon, 1500' or lower.

Special AttacksEdit

Attacks quickly with an attack that has a chance of disenchanting one of the victims items (equipped or not), reducing its enchantment by one, inflicting a negative enchantment, or one negation of dweomer (blessed becomes uncursed).


Disenchanters have some level of cold resistance.

Both striking the disenchanter with a handheld weapon and being struck by the disenchanter will cause the disenchanting effect.


Wand of cancellation removes its disenchantment ability ("the disenchanter's horned helmet is surrounded by a dull glow"), it is then easy to fight as it does't mess with your gear ("The disenchanter seems impotent").

Caution! If not dealt with correctly, the Disenchanter can be one of the most devastating enemies in the entire dungeon.

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