Snap 2012-08-15 012
Level 10
CON 11
INT 18
WIS 18
CHA 12
Armour 4
Resistances  ?
Weaknesses  ?
Equipment oriental robe, potions
Loot bit of daitengu innards
Kill XP 80
Depth 1300—1400

The daitengu can control teleportation and resist the effects of some magic. They wear a +2 oriental robe that offers some armor. They are relatively fragile but have very fast attacks. They will happily use healing potions if they spawn with them however, and this can turn them into a very tough opponent.

Eating Daitengu corpses confers teleport control, or teleportitis.

Like trolls, daitengu's will respawn after a short amount of time unless their innards are removed from the corpse.

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