Cursed is an attribute that can affect just about any item. Of the three possible attributes (cursed, uncursed, and blessed)  it is the worst possible attribute an item can have. Exact effects should be listed on the specific item, but some of the general effects include:

  • An equippable item cannot be unequipped while it is cursed (This can happen to creatures as well)
  • Reduced damage (needs testing)
  • Reduced or changed effectiveness of potions and spells


Ways to identify if an item has the cursed attribute include:

The easiest and most dangerous method of identifying a cursed item is to attempt to equip or use an unidentified item. This is not recommended as once equipped/used the item will stick to the characters body/hand/etc which can be troublesome to remedy.


The cursed attribute can be removed from an item in a number of ways, changing the status of the attribute to uncursed. Methods of removing the curse from an item include:

If the curse can't be removed with one of the above methods, having the item forcefully removed from the character while leaving the curse on the item is another option. Methods include:

  • Attempting to rub a lamp with any amount of oil remaining will cause anything held in the characters hands to become slick and be dropped
  • Pouring a potion of oil onto a held cursed item can cause it to become too slippery to hold onto for a short while

A final method of removing a cursed item from a character is to destroy the item outright. Destruction methods include:

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