Appears as a golden crown fit for a king. Wearing a crown provides no defense and instead modifies the wearers charisma stat, by twice the value of enchantment. Crowns are unaffected by midas bags.


  • Armor +0
  • Charisma modified by twice the number of enchantment in the title (+1 CHA at +0 enchantment)
  • Metal, Head Slot
  • Value: 500

Dropped by Edit

Strategy Edit

This headgear is heavy but very valuable to sell.

You can identify if a crown has a positive or negative enchantment when removing it from the head of the dead king.  If it has a + to charisma, text will say "the gnome king looks shy" when you remove the crown.  If the crown adds nothing to CHA (i.e., a -1 Crown), it will not say anything.  If it is a negative enchantment beyond -1, it will say something about the king looking "charismatic".

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