Create Monster

A Roché being created.

This spell will create a random level monster determined either by your level or your dungeon level or both. It won't however increase your casting skill, as it is a Level 0 spell.

The Monster created will be determined by chance, dungeon depth and what area the spell is used in. There is a high chance of creating Gnomes in the Gnome Mines or a Roman in the Roman Fort. At 100 feet, Garter Snakes, Rats, Goblins and Kobolds are usually created, whilst Orcs and other higher level monster will begin to be created deeper down. 

It is a very handy spell for any character to have, since it can be great in many scenarios:

  • When in need of food, creatures can be created in hope of finding some meat, goo etc. This does not work very well unless you have a sickle, or kill a rare large kobold with a bread loaf.
  • If a character has the Beast Mastery talent, any monster created will be mesmerized and can be tamed afterwards. This is very useful, as they can be used as meat shields, pack mules or a private army.