Confusion is a state that makes interesting things happen when reading scrolls, and casting spells.  Confusion is represented by a cloud of purple question marks floating above one's head.


Confusion can be caused by a variety of things, including:



The actions of confused characters will be altered in the following ways:

  • Reading a blessed Scroll of Enchant Weapon will cause the target weapon to become possessed and be your pet! When reading an uncursed one, the possessed weapon will be hostile. Does not work on unique weapons, instead makes them immutable.
  • Reading a Scroll of Enchant Armor will remove some levels of rust or burning.
  • Reading a Scroll of Identify will act as if you cast Magic Mapping. Reading its blessed version will identify itself with the message: "That is identified as a scroll of identify!" even if the player has already identified said scrolls.
  • Reading a Scroll of Magic Mapping will act as ESP.
  • Reading a Scroll of Light will act as if it was cursed, and create darkness.
  • Attempting to interact with shopkeepers can instead result in attacking them.
  • Throwing and shooting with a bow will become wildly inaccurate.
  • Trying to cast a spell of fire (no wand) will make you mispronounce the words and kill yourself (i think)

Potions of Confusion can useful against groups of enemies. Throwing them at a monster will cause that monster to attack the nearest creature. This can be useful to distract high damage enemies and turn them to your aid. Attacking a confused creature will cause it to target you however.

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