Introduced in v1.3, Collars are the equivalent of amulets for your pets or tamed creatures. Equipping them on your pet confers Armor Class ("AC") bonuses or detriments to it based on the item's enchantment level. They also offer a +1 charisma bonus, making your pet "look cute".

To have your pet equip it, first transfer the collar to their inventory, then choose the new "equip" dialog button.

Wearing the collar yourself can be useful for identifying or using its effect, but will incur a -10 charisma modifier ("You feel ridiculous wearing the studded leather collar!")

Types Edit

  • Leather
  • Studded
  • Spiked
  • Bejewelled
  • Legendary (The Gleipnir - an astral collar)

Possible Enchantments Edit

  • Collar of Jaunting
    • Allows pets to teleport at will to instantly ascend or descend ladders when following the player. They will further be immune to all other forms of teleport.

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