"Helps protect the wearer from harm".

Collars of protection grant a natural +3 AC bonus when worn - or more when enchanted further, and make the wearer nearly completely immune to electrical damage. However, like all collars, the collar of protection comes with a -10 CHA penalty when worn by players - regardless of the collar's blessing or enchantment level. (Inversely, provides a +2 CHA bonus when worn by animals) Best removed while dealing with merchants.

Especially effective against electrical damage as it grounds the shock from Lightning spells, Shocking Sphere, Energy Vortex, Power Stone. This can be useful for using these otherwise dangerous entities to relatively safely charge your wands. However, take care when doing this as it does not prevent wands from over-charging and exploding, which can still cause a significant amount of damage to you, particularly when multiple wands explode.

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