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"The legendary battle-axe of a long forgotten dwarf.

The mighty Cleaver is normally 160% better than a typical longsword, partly because of his faster speed.

It is much heavier than a longsword. With its [+3] enchantment yours is 220% better than one. Some take quite some skill with axes to use it well, but you look perfectly capable [Axes 5]. Take care, it is a one-of-a-kind.

This one is blessed. It might work a little better. Or a lot better."

The CleaverEdit

The cleaver is a legendary melee weapon found rarely in the dungeon.

The cleaver is always found as a double-headed axe (see also battleaxe).

(Please add stats)

How to findEdit

-Try equipping any battleaxe found in the dungeon,though it's recommended having scrolls of remove curse or non-magical oil lamps as they tend to be cursed.

-The easiest and least risky method is to identify the battleaxes found.

-Pick up and wield (or identify) weapons dropped by enemies who did large amounts of damage.You will have a chance to find a legendary weapon or a highly enchanted weapon.

-Before you identify any battle axe, all such axes are identified as "double-headed axe." After one is identified by scroll, spell, or smith, any such axe will be called "battle axe" when it is still on the ground or in your inventory, EXCEPT for the Cleaver, which will still be called "double-headed axe."

-If you have Commerce talent at level 3, the value will be around 1000.

Notes & TipsEdit

-All legendary weapons can be cursed.

-The sparkle effect doesn't always seem to show up when wielded by enemies,making it extra difficult to identify them.

-Always have a sufficient amount of skill points when using these weapons. Cleaver requires level 3 proficiency in axes.


Cleaver as seen in-game

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