Choking is a status effect by which a character becomes unable to breathe. Choking causes damage over time in irregular intervals similar to sickness. Eating is impossible while choking.



Choking may be ignored by wearing an amulet of magical breathing [Confirmed : Tikanderoga].

An amulet of unchanging will not prevent choking [confirmed : Evildonald].

Eating food while you are "Full" or higher, will dramatically increase your chance of choking, on any quality of food. If your hunger icon is dark green (ready to explode), avoid eating more food of any kind. Wearing an amulet of magical breathing will prevent you from choking and you can eat until "your stomach is about to explode".


The only known method to cure choking is to allow it to wear off normally.


Caution! It is risky to go into combat while choking, as choking inflicts damage at irregular intervals.

For internal choking, it is best to find somewhere safe to rest while waiting for the choking to wear off. Try finding an empty room in a level you've cleared, lock the door, and sleep off the choke.

For dealing with choking caused by wearing a cursed amulet of strangulation, see the article on curses.

For dealing with choking caused by a Lich, see the wiki article on Liches.


The damage appears to be a percentage of your current health. (testing needed)

The character may also be unable to eat or drink while choking. (testing needed)

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