A chest is a container found in the dungeon that will always be found containing loot.

Chests may be locked when discovered and cannot be opened without removing the lock. This can be accomplished by using a key, or if the character does not have a key available, the options to 'force the lock with a weapon' or 'kick' the lock to break it become available. 

Forcing the lock may break the weapon being used to force the lock. (more information is needed on any special effects of attempting to force/break the lock.), while kicking the lock has a chance of chattering any potion that may be inside the chest.


Caution! Chests found deeper in the dungeon may actually be mimics in disguise.

It is recommended to use unwanted weapons to try and force the lock so if it breaks there's no problem if they break . Also if you have a cursed weapon you can try and force open the lock with it which gives the weapon a chance of being destroyed.


Chests are very heavy to carry and therefore not suitable as part of your equipment. However they are persistent and can keep hold or your unwanted / unidentified / secondary items until you come back for them, acting as a backup inventory. Why let some random wandering, unwashed goblin pick up that nice Plate Mail you just can't carry yet, instead of locking it safely in a chest for later?? :-O

A good use for chests (once looted) is to drop them near a Shopkeeper, especially a Blacksmith or a Priest as they typically deal with heavy / numerous items. A portal stone can then be dropped nearby to allow quick access from deeper in the dungeon.

Caution! It seems large creatures like Ogres and Giants may be able to pick up chests as they sometimes drop one when killed (although they probably pick only light ones). Also in rare instances a Mimic may take the place of your invaluable treasure stash, digesting everything and leaving only a few coins behind… (to be verified)

Caution! Picking up a chest may result in the chest becoming stuck in your inventory, as the game does not allow you to interact with the item in your inventory (need confirmation from other players)


A locked Wazhack chest.

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