New initial ability introduced in the 1.3 beta, available for the sorcerer and the sorceress.

"You worship the Darkness. The first time each type of creature dies in the dungeon, the Darkness takes it away. The more dead accumulated in the Darkness, the more powerfully it may answer your pleadings."

Effectively, the first time a certain type of creature dies in the dungeon, Darkness will flow from its corpse filling the room with the same effect of the darkness (spell), and making it disappear with all its equipment. The following message will be printed on screen: "Darkness takes the (creature) leaving you with nothing."

Calling to the Darkness will lead you to the "Speak to the Darkness" menu, where the following options may appear:

  • If the Darkness has already taken a creature, the "Save my useless soul!" dialogue option will appear. Selecting it will make the Darkness take every creature in the room, filling your health bar and displaying this message: "The Darkness takes the (creature) then fills you with stolen life." However, creatures taken by the Darkness using this option don't count as sacrifice, so spamming the Call to the Darkness is not possible.
  • If you haven't yet offered yourself to the Darkness, the "Take this useless sorcerer/sorceress to the Darkness!" dialogue option will be available. Choosing it, will make display the following message: "The Darkness takes all it wants from you." Your health will be drastically dropped, but your sacrifice will let you call the Darkness, being a viable last chance to save yourself from a group of enemies or a powerful one if you have already sacrificed your pets or you don't want to lose them. (Not confirmed yet if it leaves you always with a little health, use with caution as there may be a risk of suicide)
  • If you have any pet, dialogue options to sacrifice it/them will be available too. Although, choosing this option will make the Darkness consume them making them disappear forever.

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