Blue Mushrooms

A Wazhack blue mushroom patch.

Blue mushrooms are a food item, occasionally found growing on the dungeon floor in patches. Even in any given mushroom patch, there is variety in mushrooms. You can only tell mushrooms apart by identifying them or, well… eating them. They range from safe 'tasty' mushrooms to extremely poisonous mushrooms. The Mycology skills allows creation of potions from mushrooms (blue mushrooms alone make Mana potions).  

Calories:90 (includes all types)

Tips Edit

  • Knowing the value of items (with max Commerce skill) can help sort unidentified mushrooms out: the safe ones have a much higher value.
  • If enough of these are dropped at the same time, a friendly pixie will appear, similar to the leprechaun king with red mushrooms. The pixie will follow you as a pet and heal you. 
  • Mushrooms are perfect for baking into pies since they appear in large quantities and doing so multiplies their caloric value almost 17-fold. This is especially useful for characters following the vegetarian conduct.

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