He evens out the battlefield when you are against foes more powerful than you by smiting them and healing you, but he requires you to eat a lot of food to summon his power. While worshiping the Big Guy, eating food takes four times as long as it normally would.

Please record your findings on Big Guy.

Consumed Calories Enemies / Setting Effect Alignment
6000 1 Winged Gargoyle, 1 Orc Warrior, 1 Garter Snake Big Guy smited the Winged Gargoyle and healed me
30000 not in battle, low health Nothing
12250 gnome walker with gnome in "evened out the field" took 28hp off gnome and healed me for 28hp, I was near death.
2200 1 Orc Warrior, 1 Orc Captain Nothing Neutral
10000 standing at an altar Dropped Excalibur
"a lot of food" standing at an altar

(twice in 2 different runs)

"Big Guy sends you a gift"

Dropped +1 Excalibur and several coins

(only dropped after I quit the game and continued, not near the altar but at my position on another level)

"a lot of food" in battle "Big Guy bestows a blessing upon you"

Blessed two cursed items ("thanks" Big Guy).


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