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Barbarian class
The Barbarian in the Character Selection Screen.
Level 1
STR 20
DEX 6—13
CON 20
INT 6—12
WIS 7—9
CHA 10—13
Armour None
Resistances  ?
Equipment Greatsword+0, Battle Axe+0, 2 Cottage Loaves, Ring Loaf

The Barbarian is available in Wazhack v1.2

The Barbarian is a mighty warrior, but will struggle to find armour to fit his brutish frame. He can carry twice that of a typical person.


Available Talents:

Starting Skills:

  • Greatswords: 1 point
  • Axes: 1 point

Starting Pet: Wolf Pup


As established in the description the barbarian is a larger size, and thus has some problems with finding proper sized armor. A method around this (though it will take some doing) is to use polymorph and a ring of polymorph control. The main thing is the ring of polymorph control and to find some source of polymorph (either a wand, 2 potions, spellbook, or a trap). From there you will polymorph yourself twice: Once into a size that can put on the equipment you want, and the second time into a creature the same size as the barbarian. You do this because when you polymorph ALL worn items change to fit the creature you become as long as it can wear those items, however, the same is not true when you change back into a human (usually via death). This is a double edged sword. If you manage to find equipment your size and get polymorphed you may lose access to that equipment.

The Barbarian does not seem to be able to choke on his food when just beeing satiated, making it easier to just eat until your get the message "Your stomach feels about to explode", thus not letting any food go to waste by rotting. 

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