Bag of holding
A bag of holding is a special type of Leather Bag which reduces the weight of any item placed within, roughly by 3 times.

Strategy Edit

  • It can be fireproofed just like any other Leather Bag or Sack, creating the ultimate bag to carry your stuff with (choose "Use" from inventory to use the bag to carry your inventory.)
  • Bags of holding may be placed inside each other, and the weight-reducing effects will stack. *Blessed bags of holding carry much more than uncursed bags of holding.
  • Cursed bags of holding apparently do *not* reduce encumbrance at all, so they'll behave like regular bags until uncursed.

As an example, a series of bags of holding were placed inside each other, with the innermost bag containing a single large chest weighing 384 pounds. The following results show how the effects of multiple bags stack, as well as showing how blessed, uncursed, and cursed bags differ:

Bag status Large chest Bag 6 Bag 5 Bag 4 Bag 3 Bag 2 Bag 1
Blessed 384 lb 154 lb 62 lb 26 lb 11 lb 5 lb 2 lb
Uncursed 384 lb 193 lb 97 lb 49 lb 25 lb 13 lb 7 lb
Cursed 384 lb 384 lb 385 lb 386 lb 386 lb 387 lb 388 lb

(Bag 6 is the innermost bag, and bag 1 is the outermost bag)

From this, it can be seen that blessed bags reduce weight to about 40% of normal, and uncursed bags reduce weight to about 50% of normal. Cursed bags actually gain weight, because of the weight of the bags themselves.

A bag of holding may be acquired as a randomly generated item or by wishing, in which case they will come pre-loaded with a few items.

Notes Edit

  • As with all containers, there is a limit to the number of items which may be placed within.
  • Unlike a Midas Bag, a bag of holding is not automatically identified when you put something in it.  To identify without using a scroll/spell, wait until you barely have an encumbrance of 1, then "equip" the bag.  If your encumbrance goes away, you have a non-cursed bag of holding (however, it will not be identified, you will just know). Note that your encumbrance may not change if the bag is cursed, so you will still need to identify / uncurse it to know.
  • Identifying the ordinary leather bag will still have the Midas bag and the Bag of Holding appear as "bag", making it easy to notice them.

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