Before entering

Bacchus is always sleeping until you attack him.

Bacchus is a unique hostile and is the boss in Fort Ludios.

When killed, he drops the Laurel Headband, which is huge, meaning it is too big for vandals and barbarians. He also drops the only unique staff, Thyrsus.

He is in a room that is protected by a force field that will deal significant damage to anything that passes through it - though it is unlikely to cause a problem to players that are strong enough to make it to him. Much like the dragon he is easy to kill in his sleeping state with the use of gas stones.


A level 20 Roman God

STR: 18

DEX: 7

CON: 18

INT: 10

WIS: 15

CAR: 18

Armor: 4

Bacchus can control teleportation.

Bacchus can resist the effects of change, and confusion.

Bacchus is herbivourous.

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