All tens - Get to level 10 with all characters.

Ascension - Win the Game.

Birthday Boy - Make a wish as a male character.

Birthday Girl - Make a wish as a female character.

Blaster - Kill 100 mobs with ranged wand attacks.

Carnivore - Win only eating meat and certain goos.

Four Tens - Get to level 10 with 4 characters.

Freddy - Win the game on Nightmare III above level 7.

Iron Man - Sell 200 weapons, except arrows.

Loot Meister - Get every possible item.

Mega Blaster - Kill 1000 mobs with ranged wand attacks.

Mixed Mythology - Find 10 different unique items.

Planet Brain - Pick up 1000 pieces of paper.

There can be Only One - Get any unique item.

Trouble Maker - Kill every mob type at least once.

Vegetarian - Win eating no meats and only certain goos.

Winning Streak - Win playing the whole game in your underwear.

You Can Stop Now - Win the game with every character.

Zookeeper - Have 10 pets alive at once, not undead.

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